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From your roof directly to your living room - with the BRESSER 5-in-1 Weather Station, you can measure the local weather conditions from your own home. The weather station obtains its readings from the compact, multifunctional outdoor sensor, which comes with mounting materials for quick installation in your desired location. The sensor transmits 5 different weather readings to the base station's intuitive display over a frequency of 868 MHz at a range of up to 150 metres. If you ever find yourself wondering whether to wear a jacket, the precise measurements for outdoor temperature and humidity will give you the answer. The wireless sensor also features a rain gauge and anemometer, which tell you the wind speed and direction and whether you need to water the plants in your garden.

Stay on top of the weather with the 5-in-1 weather station

The weather station also provides a highly reliable local weather forecast based on the readings for wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and rainfall. The six graphical symbols, which include a storm warning, show the trend for the next 12 hours to help you stay on top of the weather. The base station also calculates and displays the perceived temperature, heat index, dew point and Beaufort scale.
You can also view historical meteorological data: the weather station records the historical data from the past 24 hours and shows you the minimum and maximum values. In addition, the weather station can be operated with batteries (not included), allowing you to place it in a flexible location. It also features an alarm that goes off when your preset maximum and minimum values are reached. This allows you to take preventive measures (e.g. to prevent mould from forming) when you are warned of high humidity and temperatures by the alarm tone and warning indicator. Meanwhile, the display also has a comfort level indicator, which displays the comfort level of your room using a smiley.

Radio-controlled clock

In addition to the wide range of weather data, the weather station also features a radio-controlled clock and date display, which is set using a DCF time signal. The current Central European Time (CET), date and day of the week are automatically displayed within a few minutes of the device being switched on. The display also shows the current moon phase. If you place the weather station in your bedroom, you can also use the built-in alarm with snooze function to wake you up in the mornings. Thanks to the ice/frost warning function, the alarm goes off 30 minutes earlier when the temperature drops below -3 °C in winter.

Get 5 times as much weather data: View the local weather and more with the BRESSER 5-in-1 Weather Station.




Indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity with comfort indicator

Displays the outdoor temperature (°C/ °F) and humidity

Displays the wind direction and speed

Displays the graphical weather trend (12 hours)

Beaufort scale display (scale for measuring wind speed)

Rainfall with history (day/week/month)

Air pressure with history (24 hours)

Heat index


Radio-controlled time and date (DCF time signal)

Day of the week, moon phase

Alarm function with ice/frost warning

Maximum/minimum reading alarm (High/low)

Min./max. memory (up to 24 hours)

LED backlight, amber-coloured

Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included)


Measures the outdoor temperature and outdoor humidity

Measures the wind speed, wind direction and rainfall

Mounting materials for masts (tube ?: approx. 25-33 mm)) and stand for level surfaces

Range: max. 150 m

Place in an unobstructed location in order to obtain accurate sunlight and rain data

Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included)

DELIVERY CONTENT: Base station with stand, 5-in-1 multi-sensor with mounting materials & Instruction manual

Capacity (GB)
Clock Format
Has alarm Yes
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 5
Power DC Mains (supplied) 6x AA Batteries (not supplied)
Weight 0 kg
Dimensions 0L * 0W * 0H mm

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